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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Panasonic EY6450GQKW 18-volt NiMH 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Panasonic EY6450GQKW 18-volt NiMH 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

The Panasonic 18-Volt NiMH 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit is a professional-grade, high-performance tool featuring high-torque drilling capability with a lightweight, ergonomic design. Its motor and gear system delivers high durability and high performance. The all-metal gear system offers high durability during high torque, 18-volt applications. The motor is highly ventilated by its built-in cooling fan to stay cool even under the toughest conditions. The drill includes 2 rechargeable 18-volt 3.5Ah Ni-MH battery packs, rechargeable in 55 minutes, which offer longer runtime for extended work periods. This combination of high voltage and high battery capacity yields more work per charge to keep you on the job as long as you need to be.
The drill's ergonomic balance offers comfortable operation for extended periods of time with less fatigue. The Sure Grip support handle gives you comfort, balance, and best-fit positioning for high torque applications. The soft grip on the tool handle helps reduce fatigue for fingers while the low-profile battery pack allows you to easily attach and detach the battery pack from the tool. The forward/reverse switch is conveniently located on the body of the drill and easily within the reach of your trigger hand making changing bits substantially easier. A battery charger and a plastic carrying case are included. This lightweight tool weighs just 5-4/5 pounds and is 10-3/8 inches in length. It is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

Panasonic EY6450GQKW 18-volt NiMH 1/2-inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Reviews :

I purchased this to replace a 10 year old Porter Cable, which was a great drill. The batteries on the PC are starting to go, and replacing them will cost almost as much as a new one. After doing lots of research, I settled on this Panasonic. This drill has phenomenal torque, good balance, and the batteries are very strong and last a long time. I like the removable accessory handle and the 1/2" chuck. It appears very well made, and should last a long time. I have purchased many factory refurbished tools in the past, and they all arrived in near-new condition -- except this one. This came with many scratches and scuff marks, and appears to have seen a few weeks of significant use prior to being returned. I wasn't happy about this, but the drill is so good, and the price was so low, I will try to get over it. Highly recommended.

Reviews :
I'm in the process of building a house and this drill is one of my star tools. It can put over 200 5/8" holes through 2 pieces of 2x treated lumber on a single battery charge. Plus it has the torque to handle self threading auger bits with ease. The extra handle is easy to adjust and remove and the compact dimensions meant I only had to break out the right angle drill for a couple of holes. I've also used the 15.6 V baby brother to this drill and have nothing but praise for it too. For my own collection I decided to spend the little bit extra for this model for it's extra torque and power. The difference in weight between the two is not that great.

Reviews :

I have been searching for a drill to replace my aging 12 volt Dewalt, a drill I had been fairly happy with. I looked at the new 18 volt Dewalts, and was not that impressed, their quality has seemed to decline. I really liked the Milwaukee, but it was too heavy and cumbersome for the projects I work on. Luckily a friend has a 15.6 volt Panasonic. I was very impressed. The 15.6 volt was more powerful than another friends 18 volt Ridgid. Then the 18 volt Panasonic has to comparable to the 19.2 and 24 volt other brands right? So along those lines I purchased the EY6450. (At first I wanted a Metabo Lithium Ion 18 volt drill, but the high price and no local sales/service center and lackluster reviews turned me away.) This drill is awesome. I put it on the scale. Only 5 ounces heavier than my 12 volt Dewalt. This drill is very powerful, be careful sinking screws into furniture. Battery life has been excellent, usually lasting 3 nights in the workshop before needing a recharge.

The chuck took a little getting used to, with the weird ratcheting noise, but it seems to grip small bits well. The chuck holds drill bits much better than the Jacobs on my Dewalt. This drill is the best cordless drill I have used. Period. While my use is not Industry/Construction, I use it daily. A note on battery price. The last time I purchased batteries for my 12 volt Dewalt (2 years ago) they cost $88 a piece. For NiCad's. The Panasonic NIMH batteries are $110. A much better value in my opinion. Highest possible recomendation.

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