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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Panasonic EY6409GQKW 12-Volt NiMH 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Panasonic EY6409GQKW 12-Volt NiMH 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit
The Panasonic EY6409GQKW 12-Volt, 1/2-Inch, 3.5-Ah Ni-MH Cordless Drill and Driver Kit features a powerful, cordless drill/driver with an ergonomic design that lets you work comfortably and effectively, whether you're a professional contractor or a serious do-it-yourselfer. This high-quality tool kit is an ideal choice for general construction, plumbing, electrical installation work, and finish carpentry.

Impressively compact, lightweight, and comfortable to use, Panasonic's 12-volt drill/driver fits into tight spaces where other bulkier drills won't. The 3.5 amp NiMH batteries deliver impressive run time per charge, which is a big plus, especially if you need a tool for continuous use. What about power? This Panasonic packs up to 293 inch-pounds of torque, while the motor's speed control allows full torque delivery at any speed, with dual speed ranges of 0 to 400 and 1 to 1,300 rpm. The 1/2-inch chuck takes bigger bits. The first thing you notice about this tool, however, is how compact it is (the chassis measures only 8-3/16 inches) and how comfortable it feels in your hand. The soft-pad grip provides extra cushion and the balance is superb, two important features if you wield a cordless day in and day out. The tool lacks an onboard bit holder, but that's about all it lacks. This drill is a smart buy for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and even woodworkers -- in short, anyone who wants a small, compact drill that packs a lot of torque and is built to last. The package includes two of Panasonic's long-lasting 3.5 amp NiMH batteries, a universal charger, and a hard-plastic carrying case. --Jon Groebner

Panasonic EY6409GQKW 12-Volt NiMH 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit Reviews :

This is the second Panasoni EY6409NQKW I have purchased. I bought my first one in 2000 and it has worked extremely well. After over 6 years, the batteries started to have less power--still usable but not the same umpf as before. I was very pleased to see that exactly the same model is still for sale. I bought this one and now I have two identical units, four batteries and two chargers. Two of the batteries are brand new and will give life to my old driver as well as the new. The old batteries will be backup. The charging is really fast so I will not need them much.

The main feature of this drill for me is the weight to power ratio. The unit will drive a 4 inch screw through a 4X4 without a hesitation, yet it is the lightest drill with this power I could find. It makes working for hours with it a dream. I highly recommend the Panasonic drill/driver even after over six years of intensive usage.

Reviews :
I'm an Army retiree and now a small-time farmer, woodworker and household improvement guy and I've owned or used most all kinds of cordless drills. I needed another one and wanted a light, powerful 12-volt drill. After doing all the comparisons on Amazon, the Panasonic came out on top with the tie-breakers being it's compact size and the 1/2" chuck. I really liked the compactness of the Makita 12-volt driver I have and wanted a stubby, powerful drill to match it. I also liked the 1/2" chuck option--using my old 3/4" chuck Black & Decker is hard work and limited by an electric cord. I've had the Panasonic 12-volt for about 8-months now and have used it for all kinds of wood and metal drilling tasks with metal and wood bits from #60 to 1/2". It centers and holds them all and holds tight enough to etch the chuck end of the bit on larger bits. Like that old 3/4" inch Black & Decker or other powerful corded and cordless drills, this little 12-volt Panasonic has the power to make you hold on with both hands if you're drilling into thick metal or thick wood using larger bits; it'll twist out of one hand rather than bind or have the bit slip (unless you're unusually strong with big hands!). The drill first starts at 50-RPM whereas other ones will start at just above 0-RPM, but I have had no problems with small bits breaking off at the start RPM of the Panasonic, in metal or hardwood. I buy professional-grade tools and expect them to do the jobs they were intended to do forever and without babying them along and with zero performance or maintenance problems. This Panasonic does that for sure and I expect it to do so for a long, long time.

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